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How do I register a domain name for free?

People that run a website which isn’t a primary source of revenue for them basically look forward to registering a domain name for free. There are some advantage and disadvantages associated to this which we’ll explore here. However, if you are a newbie and have limited budget then acquiring a domain name for free seems a reasonable choice.

Foremost, make sure that the domain name is registered under your own name. Many companies that offer free domain names tend to appear as the registrant as well. Having the domain name under your name will give you complete autonomy and control ensuring no issues down the pipeline.

Are free sub domains useful for my website?

Once you are building your website, you might be encountered with a situation where you will be offered a sub domain. Sub domains are basically extensions of the existing domain names. It’s not recommended to use them as they aren’t SEO friendly which will result in minimal exposure for your website.

Risks of registering domain name for free.

Registering a domain name should be done with precaution as a domain name is an internet real estate. Many times people build businesses around a particular domain name without knowing the registrant of the domain. In such scenarios, other people tend to exploit their business resulting in excessive lost of wealth and customers. Therefore yes, there are risks associated with registering a domain name for free. However, with thorough knowledge and credible domain retailers, risks can be minimized.

Initially domain names are quite cheap and as their popularity increases, they tend to become more expensive. Therefore it’s essential to think of an attractive domain name for your business firstly and see if it’s available or not.

To register a domain name for free can be twice as difficult as it’s probable that your potential domain name isn’t available for free. Therefore there are limited choices for free domain names. To purchase a free domain name, it’s important to utilize services of a reputable company. Also, search for different customer reviews to check their customer service. Most importantly, make sure you are being registered as the owner of the domain name and can utilize and access all the necessary information. Companies that inhibit viewing some information regarding the domain are most probably not registering you as the owner.

Purchasing a domain name for free can be intimidating therefore utilize services of transparent website builder providers.

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