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How do I register a domain name for free?

People that run a website which isn’t a primary source of revenue for them basically look forward to registering a domain name for free. There are some advantage and disadvantages associated to this which we’ll explore here. However, if you are a newbie and have limited budget then acquiring a domain name for free seems

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If I register a domain name, do I own it?

Amateur online businesses tend to overlook some legal aspects of registration of a domain name and continue building their business around it. Astoundingly, many people are unaware of the fact that the domain they thought they own is actually property of someone else. This results in frustrating situations where reassertion of the domain name costs

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The Top 5 Oldest Registered Domain Names for Hosting Websites

Domain names are vital as they are the backbones of websites. They are names that represent what businesses are and what they offer. Domain names act as simple identification labels, for instance, in adverts, referrals, and clickable links. They also enhance the recall value of your website, allowing customers to seamlessly find your site when

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