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How the New Generation Domain Name Extensions Impact Your SEO

In the past few years, domain name extension options were limited and heavily priced. The .com, .Org and.Net ruled the domain name realm. Things have significantly changed today. Most domain registry companies have decided to expand this list due to the overwhelming demand of domain names. This expansion has led to the introduction of new, cheap domains like dot careers, dot church, dot brussels and so on. However, before jumping into the marketplace to buy these new domain names, it’s critical to examine their impact on SEO. Some might be a hit, but others may turn out to be a total disaster. Here is an outline of how the new domain extensions can impact your SEO:

Enhances reputation and authority of your business or hosting website

Although Google uses more than 200 types of algorithms to determine any site’s ranking, a domain name is one of them. So choosing a relevant and correctly spelled new domain name extension can mightily enhance your reputation and authority. On top of that, choosing a good new domain extension can shield your organization from reputation damage, more so when you buy domain extensions such as .bullshit or .bad. Building up a profit-making business takes a lot of time and effort investment. However, damaging its reputation can happen in a single day. Which is why choosing the best and SEO friendly new domain name extension is key to the long-term prospects of your business.

Enhances the recall value of your hosting website

New domain name extensions offer great possibilities for customers to remember your website or business. For example, if you deal in mobile products and services, a domain extension like .MOBI will enable customers to recall your site when looking to buy something else or referring someone. High recall value means customers can come back to your website with ease and buy more thus broadening your bottom-line in the long run.

Boosts your hosting site’s Relevancy signal

Google naturally bolds keywords in any domain name when it comes up after a search. Although incorporating your target keyword in your new domain name extension will not help much in boosting your site’s ranking, the fact that Google bolds your domain name keyword can significantly help searchers to find your site.

o The new generation domain name extension can help you target the right audience

It would take you a lot of time, effort and money to figure out the right audience for your website or business. However, utilizing geo-specific domain name extensions will go a long way towards helping you target the right audience. These geo-specific domain extensions could be more helpful especially since Google is optimizing its local search. Visitors will be able to find you fast if they are searching places in London and your domain name extension is a dot London.

o Google could change up its algorithm to reflect the new generation domain name extensions

Google has a tendency of changing its algorithms depending on market shifts. A typical case example is mobile first indexing. When Google realized that more people are using their mobile devices to search out things on the internet, they changed their algorithm from desktop to mobile first indexing. The same could happen to the new domain name extensions. If the market responds to them overwhelmingly, Google could quickly change to the new domain name extension algorithm. It would be a win for businesses that adopted these new domain name extensions.


Although the debate whether the new domain name extensions impacts SEO, Google’s ranking system does not majorly focus on domain names. However, it’s advantageous to pick a domain name that reflects the nature of your business. Try outing the new domain name extension and optimizing it by taking advantage of the best SEO practices and your website or business will do great.

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